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Here’s how to create your Prime Penguin account and setup payment’s through Stripe.

Choose subscription

You can reach the account creation from two places:

In any case you will be directed to choose which subscription level you want to start with. You can always upgrade or downgrade later, and whatever level you choose you will have a 30 day free trial when you first sign up!

Account details

You will be asked for the following details when creating your account:

  • Company Name – This is the name of your company. It is not easy to change when you have created the account, so if you’re in the process of creating your business, pick something that you think will make sense later. Note that your future invoice details are configured separately, and you can set your legal business name there.
  • Country – This is the country in which your company is registered. We need to know this for legal reasons and to calculate VAT percentages.
  • Your Name – We’d like to know what to call you.
  • Your Email – This is known as the “administrator email” since you will be the administrator of the company in Prime Penguin. This can be changed later.
  • Your Password

Email verification

When you’ve registered you will get an email asking you to activate your account.

Next steps

That’s it! Welcome to the Prime Penguin family! Here’s what you may want to do next:



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