We Build the Future of Logistics.

We want logistics to be simple — effortless. Something that elevates rather than impedes your business. While others have been trying to deliver complex and inaccessible logistics solutions that fall through midway, we have developed a user-friendly and cost-efficient ecosystem of services and software integrations that span the entirety of your supply chain. 

One Integration.

We don’t believe in patchwork solutions for your logistics management. Instead, our vision is to be the last supply chain integration you’ll ever need — a single connection that encompasses all the software and technologies needed in order for your e-shop to reach its full potential. With this vision in mind, we have developed an ecosystem of pre-integrated e-commerce platforms, ERP and WMS systems, and a wide selection of global marketplaces. The result is a highly advanced yet user-friendly interface through which the procurement and management of your entire supply chain becomes a plug-and-play solution primed for growth.

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Prime Penguin Integrations
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One Network.

The secret ingredient that binds together the Prime Penguin Formula. Our award-winning software is built to meet the needs of the most complex supply chains while giving you the ability to optimize all areas of your fulfillment process in a single, digital dashboard – from any device of your choice. The Prime Penguin Platform works as a gateway between your e-commerce platform and logistics system (WMS), providing you with a complete overview of and the ability to track all your warehouse activities in a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. No matter where your market takes you or how fast you grow, our cloud-based interface offers you complete visibility into your supply chain, from start to finish.

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One Interface.

Our continuously expanding network makes it possible for e-commerce businesses to reach any and all of their markets – keeping things fast, cost-efficient, and sustainable. Cut down on shipping costs and reduce manual labor by letting seasoned experts in the logistics industry handle your wares, while staying true to your company values and keeping your customers satisfied. Today, Prime Penguin provides effortless e-commerce logistics in 10 markets through an integrated logistics network consisting of +35 fulfillment centers. All of our partners go through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they meet the highest standard, in terms of (but not limited to) storage, returns, order handling, cost, credibility, and transparency.

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Prime Penguin platform


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