Technology in Logistics

The future of logistics is here, and it is powered by technology that makes your fulfillment flow effortlessly. With an ecosystem of advanced software integrations and a cloud-based warehouse solution that optimizes your supply chain from start to finish, our Penguin Technology is well on its way to revolutionizing the logistics industry from the inside out.

View and keep track of your returns.
Get a full overview of your warehouse activities.
Keep track of your business’s key numbers and optimize your logistics performance.

Step into Your Digital Warehouse.

The Prime Penguin Platform is the ultimate gateway between your e-commerce platform and logistics system (WMS), providing you with a complete overview of and the necessary tools to track all your warehouse activities in a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. Gain invaluable insights into your business performance and make data-driven and strategic decisions regarding your supply chain. No matter how fast you grow, where your market takes you, or how you want to reach your customers, we offer you complete visibility into your supply chain.

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Prime Penguin System
Key numbers Prime Penguin-100

Keep Track of Key Numbers

Allow data to become your competitive advantage with real-time tracking tools and full visibility into your business’s operations and performance. Extract monthly reports packed with insightful charts to facilitate bookkeeping and optimize your fulfillment strategy. Stay on top of key statistics such as inventory life-span, stock levels, shipping costs, storage costs per unit, and more. 

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Run e-commerce without taking care of the logistics

With our powerful connector, we ensure that you who run e-commerce do not have to think too much about e-commerce logistics on a daily basis. One login, one interface, everything under control.

An e-commerce logistics that is scalable for you as a customer. You can outsource parts or all of your logistics to us and get the freedom to devote the much-needed time to your e-commerce instead.

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Stay Sustainable with Smart Order Routing

Take charge of your supply chain with smart order routing that allows you to strategically distribute your inventory in terms of demand and geographical location of your customer. 

  • Reduce costs and shipping distances
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Increase sustainability
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Prime Penguin Integrated

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Fill in some business information regarding your business, and let’s find, compare, and connect to the carefully selected 3PLs. Prime Penguin can help elevate your fulfillment flow and take your e-commerce business to ship fast and save costs.

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Ship Fast & Save Cost?

We accelerate eCommerce just like yours. You could use one single cloud-based platform, to centralize all your logistics operations.

Drop us a few lines, and we streamline your order fulfillment, returns, and product storage. You sell more and grow fast, while we help you to ship fast and save costs.