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Quickbutik is an integrated sales channel in Prime Penguin with some limitations, but a standard order flow works as expected.


In Quickbutik

First make sure you have covered the basics:

  • You will need a PRO plan in Quickbutik in order to enable API access
  • All product variants must have a unique SKU (“artikelnummer” in Swedish)
  • Disable “infinite stock” for your products (see “Details / Infinite stock” below)

When that’s done, go ahead and create an API key:

  1. Go to “Settings” and enable the API access
  2. Enter the API settings and create a new key:
    • The name of the key does not matter, but it’s good practice to make it readable
    • Make sure to enable write access for the key (“skrivbar” in Swedish)
  3. Copy the key and save it in a safe location
  4. Note down your store URL, e.g. “”

In Prime Penguin

When you connect your first sales channel all products will be automatically synchronized to Prime Penguin, and updates to products will be regularly fetched as well.

  1. Go to “Integration / Sales Channels” and
  2. Search for “Quickbutik”
  3. Click connect
  4. Enter your store URL and API key
  5. Click save

Congratulations, you have now connected your Quickbutik store to Prime Penguin!

  • Recommended: copy the “Webhook URL” that is displayed when your connection is created and configure Webhooks in Quickbutik (see “Details / Webhooks” below)


HS / COO codes

HS and COO codes are not supported by Quickbutik in its default settings. It is however possible to do using what Quickbutik custom product attributes (“egen produktinformation” in Swedish). This can be supported by Prime Penguin if your subscription includes developer support, please reach out to us to investigate this further.


Webhooks will enable product and order changes from Quickbutik to propagate to Prime Penguin faster than normally. You can find “Webhooks” in the Quickbutik settings: enable it and add a Prime Penguin Webhook using the URL you got when installing Quickbutik in Prime Penguin. Enable the events you want to send over the webhook: we recommend you enable all of them.

Infinite stock

Quickbutik has a concept of “infinite stock” that can be configured per product variant. This should not be enabled unless you have specific use-cases. Normally Prime Penguin will update Quickbutik with the stock levels from your connected warehouses, but for products that are marked as infinite stock in Quickbutik, this will not happen. Please reach out to us if this is something you want to explore.

Split orders

Although Quickbutik has support for split orders in their UI, it is not supported via their API. If an order gets split in a warehouse it will remain in progress in Quickbutik until all splits have been delivered, and you can view the different parts in Prime Penguin instead. Talk to your Warehouse if you want to avoid split orders alltogether.

Return orders

Quickbutik does not support return orders. However, you will still be able to see all returns from your logistics provider in Prime Penguin. Please reach out to us to investigate this further.

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