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Fortnox is an integrated ERP in Prime Penguin which allows you to sync articles, orders, and keep track of inventory. It requires the following programs and add-ons in Fortnox:

  • Stock (“Lager” in Swedish)
  • Stock Plus (“Lager Plus” in Swedish)
  • Orders & Quotes (“Offert & Order” in Swedish)

Current all three are needed for the integration to function.


In Fortnox

You will need the “Stock”, “Stock Plus” and “Orders & Quotes” licenses in Fortnox, and also make sure that the correct Fortnox users have access to the licenses.

In Prime Penguin

When you connect your first sales channel all products will be automatically synchronized to Prime Penguin, and updates to products will be regularly fetched as well.

  1. Go to “Integration / Sales Channels” and
  2. Search for “Fortnox”
  3. Click connect
  4. You will be redirected to Fortnox and asked to log-in.
  5. Fortnox will show you which data Prime Penguin is accessing, you will need to accept this since it enables us to read all data we need, but also update orders when they have been fulfilled.
  6. Click “Accept”

Congratulations, you have now connected your Fortnox company to Prime Penguin!


Placing orders

Placing an order in Fortnox is straight forward, but with two gotchas:

  1. If the order has any line item with delivered quantity (“Levererat antal” in Swedish) which is not zero, Prime Penguin will interpret that as the order is already fulfilled. Place the order with a zero delivered quantity for us to pick it up and forward to your logistics provider.
  2. The order needs both an invoice address and a delivery address, and this will usually be auto-filled in Fortnox from you customer registry. However, since Fortnox has more relaxed rules around address details, please make sure each address, has at least:
    1. A name
    2. One address line
    3. Postal code and city
    4. Country

HS / COO codes

HS and COO codes are not supported by Fortnox. Please reach out to us to investigate this further.

Split orders

Fortnox does not support split orders. Please reach out to us to investigate this further.

Return orders

Fortnox does not support return orders. However, you will still be able to see all returns from your logistics provider in Prime Penguin. Please reach out to us to investigate this further.

Syncing suppliers

Prime Penguin does not automatically sync suppliers from Fortnox. To enable this, go to Integration -> Sales Channels -> Fortnox -> Dashbord in Prime Penguin and select “Supplier Sync” from the “Manage” menu.

The data is synchronized every 6 hours, and will populate and update the Prime Penguin supplier list. The Fortnox supplier number will be added in the “note” field in Prime Penguin.

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