Fulfillment for the Vitamin and Supplement Brands

Wanna have a strong backup when you fight on the business front line? Worried about the original logistics that cannot follow the speed of your business expansion yet slowed it down?

Why not choose to work with a reliable partner who can solve all your nightmares above at a time? And why hasn’t Prime Penguin occurred to your mind?

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Why is Prime Penguin always the No.1 fulfillment solution for vitamin and supplement brands?

Just as your products keep customers in good health, an omnipotent 3PL partner can keep your business healthy and thriving.

We know your concerns, we understand your choices and we focus on your needs. Choose us as we can be your problem solver, your business assistant, and your backup supporter.

Several of our clients are in the supplement industry. Brands rely on us for fulfillment services tailored to their specific requirements.

No need to worry like before as we have no upper limit, every time.

  • Reduce costs and shipping distances
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Increase sustainability

No more worries about global transportation and distribution

With 35+ fulfillment and distribution centers located across Europe, the US, Asia, and Australia, you are sure to be able to keep up the globalization pace of business growth.

Except for zero concern about conquering the world, there is zero effort you need to make to upgrade your supply chain and distribution efficiency with the help of our professionals.

Say goodbye to overloading.

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No more worries about the freshness and authenticity

Prevention is always better than cure. Our global warehouses on the network platform are equipped with temperature-controlled and climate-controlled systems, the precise management of temperature, and humidity, as well as a clean condition, which will maintain health and wellness in the best conditions throughout the process.

We can ensure that every product of yours is well stored and shipped. Meanwhile, our intelligent allocation system will smartly keep an eye on the expiration dates, making sure the freshness is delivered.

Say goodbye to the cumbersome.

Vitamins and supplements

Free from worrying about building your brands and upgrading the customer experience

With a keen focus on your brand-building needs, Prime Penguin provides you with tailored bundles and packaging to make love at first sight happen. Fast shipping and easy returns are our guarantees, in addition to putting efforts into protecting your customers’ privacy, all of which will lead to a solid commitment between you and your customers.

Not only will you be able to earn short-term customer goodwill through pleasant surprises, but also long-term trust by forming a deeper connection with your customers.

Say hi to hassle-free branding, customized fulfillment just for you.

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Free from raising environmental concerns and sustainability

The health of the environment matters to all of us. As Prime Penguin is dedicated to taking responsibility and reaching the eco-initiatives as always, we and our pre-integrated 3PLs to make every step of our way have no harm to the earth.

  • BIO-certified fulfillment center
  • Recyclable and reusable packaging

Say hi to eco-friendly branding.

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