What to think about when taking your subscription service to new markets

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Shipping and delivery
Subscription-based brands should consider the shipping and delivery logistics of their products when entering new markets. This includes assessing the cost and speed of shipping, as well as local regulations and customs requirements. Brands should also ensure that their products are packaged appropriately for the journey, to prevent damage or spoilage.

Payment and pricing
Subscription-based brands should also consider local payment methods and pricing when entering new markets. Different countries may have different payment preferences, and brands should ensure that their payment platform supports local payment options. Brands should also consider local pricing, as the cost of living and competition may vary from country to country.

Customer support
Subscription-based brands should consider how they will provide customer support to their new customers in different markets. This may include providing multilingual support, adapting to local time zones, and understanding cultural differences in customer service expectations. Brands should also ensure that they have a reliable system in place for handling returns, refunds, and exchanges.

Local partnerships
Subscription-based brands should consider forming partnerships with local logistics and fulfillment companies when entering new markets. These partnerships can help brands to navigate the local market and address logistical challenges, such as shipping and customs regulations. Local partnerships can also provide brands with a better understanding of local customer preferences and behaviors.

Subscription-based brands should consider the scalability of their logistics operations when entering new markets. Brands should ensure that their logistics infrastructure can handle the growth of their customer base in different markets. This may involve investing in new warehouses, upgrading shipping and delivery systems, and hiring additional staff to manage logistics operations.

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