Learn everything you need to know about global logistics.

Everything you need to know about international logistics to stay competitive, save costs, and meet customer expectations.

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I am Stina Reutercrona, CEO at Prime Penguin – the integration platform for global logistics.

In the past, going global was only an option for enterprise brands and the largest retailers. Today, eCommerce businesses of all sizes have more resources than ever before to expand internationally.

Thanks to globalization, getting in front of an international customer base is a huge opportunity. However, the international eCommerce market is competitive: 62% of merchants already have a cross-border eCommerce business. So how does an eCommerce business expand into international markets with a competitive edge? Let me tell you!

It all comes down to having a strong international logistics strategy. Shipping international orders is complex, not to mention can be costly and time-consuming, but with the right technology, fulfillment infrastructure, and logistics expertise, you can easily launch into global markets.

In this eBook, i will teach you the ins and outs of international logistics to stay competitive, save on logistics costs, and meet customer expectations.

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In this eBook you will find:

  • Introduction

  • What is international logistics?

  • What are the challenges of international logistics?

  • Six tips for nailing international logistics

  • Why partner with an international logistics company?

  • How Prime Penguin helps you ship internationally in 4 steps

  • Conclusion

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