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TWOTWO | Gearing up in style for Padel

The newly started padel brand TWOTWO has partnered with Prime Penguin to set up its supply chain. TWOTWO  is a direct-to-consumer (D2C)  sports brand that wants to revolutionize the Padel industry. 

Sweden and Europe have experienced a padel fever in recent years. The racquet sport is typically played in doubles in an enclosed court with walls where the ball can be played off in a similar way as in squash. Firm, solid rackets and slower balls than in tennis are used to allow players more time to play the ball. The inclusiveness and social aspects of the game are key factors to its huge popularity. The sport is currently a $600 million industry and growing.

The two founders Sofie Stenmark and Sofie Åkerlund reacted to the lack of stylish products for the sport. They found that most brands in the padel industry were targeted to men and used bright, neon colors and patterns – all functionality and no style.  There was just no option if you wanted something more clean and somber.

The idea of TWOTWO was born, and Sweden’s first lifestyle brand for padel was started. With an ambitious goal to become what J.Lindeberg is for golf fashion. A lot of time and effort has gone into product development, and the result is products that excel both in performance and in style.

TWOTWO’s online store goes live for pre-orders in June 2021 featuring their signature racket in three colors and padel balls further down the line, the brand will also design and sell accessories and apparel through their webshop built on Shopify.

“Having Prime Penguin as a partner has been so smooth and stable. Their technological expertise had us up and running in no time. The logistics provider from their network has really gone above and beyond and been super generous with their time and expertise.”
–  Sofie Stenmark, CEO and Co-founder

TWOTWO  is planning to expand its business to several markets in the future. Prime Penguin was therefore an excellent option right from the start. All of Prime Penguin’s customers can find and connect more warehouses around the globe fast, hassle-free, and at a low cost as they grow.

Prime Penguin is excited to have TWOTWO  onboard and to help them in their growth, be sure to check them out at:

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TWOTWO is a social athletics company designing high-quality products to be used both on and off the padel court. 

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