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Modern E-shops use a wide range of e-commerce platforms for setting up their online store, one of the most popular being WooCommerce. Launched in 2011, the WooCommerce digital plugin quickly became popular for its simplicity and customization as well as for its market position as open-source freeware. In 2020, statistics showed that an estimated 3.9 million websites were using WooCommerce for their e-commerce businesses.

While WooCommerce is a well-established and esteemed platform on the e-commercial market, if your business is integrated with WooCommerce, you will still require efficient 3PL solutions that are compatible with the WooCommerce software system in order to manage your commercial fulfillment process in a way that is dynamic and effective.

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How does outsourcing logistics help your WooCommerce store?

When you outsource your logistics to a 3PL, also known as a TPL (third-party logistics), the 3PL partner takes over the general management and control of the logistical proceedings of your fulfillment process. The 3PL provides you with fulfillment centers and warehouses in different locations in the world, depending on your specific market and customer-related needs. This allows you to cater to the needs of a global customer base without having to worry about the complexity of neither logistical management nor economic setbacks. Considering you’ll have access to a number of warehouses in carefully selected locations, you’ll be able to scale up your business easily without it creating a negative impact on the environment or your budget. As the many stages of planning and implementation of your supply chain are taken care of by industry experts in a way that suits your brand values, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business that may otherwise be disregarded due to difficulties in time management.

Finding the Right 3PL Solution for WooCommerce

One of the biggest challenges for all E-store owners, regardless of geographical location or software integration, is managing the logistics process of your business in an efficient way. Generally, the best long-term option is to outsource your logistics to a third-party logistics provider (3PL). However, this might be easier said than done; the process of outsourcing to a 3PL company can be both expensive and risky, if not done correctly. For smaller start-ups having just entered the industry, unnecessary expenses and risks are the last things you want to worry about. All in all, finding an efficient and scalable 3PL solution provider that is also compatible with WooCommerce’s software can be a demanding task.

So, what is the solution?

Prime Penguin will help get your logistics sorted!

Prime Penguin offers complete outsourcing services to your e-commerce business and will connect you to carefully curated 3PL providers worldwide. With our cloud-based platform, you will remain in complete control of the logistical process by getting a full overview of the various fulfillment activities.

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