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Welcoming our New Key Account Manager -Mohammed Qatanani

We are very happy to announce that Mohammed Qatanani recently joined the Prime Penguin Team as our new Key Account Manager!

Prime Penguin is in the middle of an exciting stage of rapid expansion. Moving forward, our sole focus lies in continuing to build and expand our global presence in the logistics industry while always pertaining to our goal of delivering effortless logistics to e-commerce businesses worldwide. As we look to further expand (and strengthen) our customer base, Mohammed will play a vital role in finding and nurturing new customer relations with careful attention to always delivering engaging offers and all-around support throughout the customer journey.

“I am an eager salesperson driven by the desire to always be closing sales on the one hand, and customer satisfaction on the other. I pride myself on being skilled at reading people and understanding their unique needs from a sales perspective.

Originally from Palestine, Mohammed and his family moved to Sweden when he was 8 months old and set up residence in Umeå before later moving to Stockholm. After finishing his studies in sales administration, Mohammed spent the last 7 years in sales and retail, selling everything from jelly beans and cars to payment solutions aimed at e-commerce businesses.  When he’s not on his phone building strong and thriving customer relations, Mohammed likes to spend his time either with family or at the gym. Speaking of the gym, you really don’t want to mess with Mohammed; he was a member of the Swedish national Taekwondo team from 2005 to 2016 and has even tried out for the Olympics.

“I chose Prime Penguin because the product itself is fantastic and unbeatable in every sense. My main task moving forward with the company will be to find growing e-commerce businesses and make them realize the amazing possibilities of using our platform for expansion and complete control over their entire fulfillment process.

Welcome to the Prime Penguin Team, Mohammed! 🐧

To learn more about the team behind Prime Penguin,  make sure to follow us on our social media and check out our open positions as we are constantly growing our team!  If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us directly or schedule a consultation.

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