NEWS | Welcoming Our New Customer Success Agent


We are very happy to announce that Alice Nyström recently joined the Prime Penguin Team as our new Customer Success Agent!

Prime Penguin is in the middle of an exciting stage of rapid expansion. Moving forward, our sole focus lies in continuing to build and expand our global network of 3PL partnerships while pertaining to our ongoing goal of delivering effortless logistics to e-commerce businesses worldwide. As we look to further strengthen our customers’ user experience within the Prime Penguin Network, Alice will play an important role in perfecting the onboarding process and overall customer relations management with careful attention to ensuring seamless integration and prevailing success. We believe that persistent communication, followed up by thorough responsiveness in regards to product development, is the way forward in reaching new partners and bringing our unique technology to a place where we can create real and substantial value.

Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, Alice is a business management whiz with a serious passion for the digitization of the retail industry. After having graduated from Lund University with a Bachelor’s degree in service management with a retail focus, she took two advanced courses in business administration and digitized services – forming an optimal foundation for entering the world of logtech start-ups and customer relations in digital environments. When she’s not working hard to streamline our customers’ Prime Penguin experience, Alice is a skincare fanatic who likes to spend her free time playing racquet sports and catching up with friends and family.

Welcome to the team, Alice! 🐧

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