WE ARE GROWING | Welcoming our new Content Creator

We are very happy to announce that Matilda Nilsson will be joining our team in the role of Content Creator.

Prime Penguin is in the middle of an exciting new stage of growth. Our focus moving forward lies in continuing to build long-term and beneficial partnerships worldwide while always communicating and delivering effortless logistics and seamless integration. 

As we look to further expand our network of 3PL providers and e-commerce solutions, Matilda will play an important role in sharpening our communication and digital presence across all platforms. We believe that effective communication and relevant content are key functions in reaching new partners and bringing our unique technology to a place where we can create real and substantial value. 

Matilda is a Stockholm native born and raised in the digital age. Having always demonstrated a passion and inherent talent for languages, she graduated from Uppsala University with a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and linguistics and later worked as a copywriter at IDEAL OF SWEDEN. When she’s not working with content production and digital communication in all its forms, Matilda is a passionate animal lover who never declines some vegan tacos and a nice IPA. 

”It feels almost surreal, entering the company at such an exciting and developmental stage. I feel very confident in my colleagues and the incredible product they have developed, and am more than excited to partake in and contribute to the company’s ongoing expansion and unique impact on the industry.”  – Matilda

Welcome, Matilda!

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