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How do I sign up for Prime Penguin?

Simply navigate to “Sign up” at the top menu and share your details and our team for client boarding will help you out instantly.

You can also contact us at: hello(at)

Can I run the Prime Penguin platform on my smart phone?

Yes, it works perfectly on any digital device.

What's the price for signing up?

Prime Penguin is 100% free to use for most e-shops.

What e-commerce platforms are you supporting?

ATM we are supporting instant plug and play access to Shopify, Magento, Magento 2, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Centra, Starweb and Quickbutik

Please let us know if we are missing your platform: hello(at)

Do you have any webinar available for Prime Penguin?

Yes, our product experts are happy to give you a private session to listen and show you how your e-shop can have use of Prime Penguin.

Simply arrange it by letting them know your interest at: hello(at)

How do I connect my e-shop to a logistic partner via Prime Penguin?

GEt started and procure all your e-commerce logistics and fins suitible 3PL-partners here:

How to handle bundle products?

If you are an e-shop and selling bundle products on the site. The products must be sent to the warehouse as pre-bundled since the logistic providers do not manage or create bundles at the warehouse.

What's the difference between orderrows/order and pick/order?

Orderrow is defined by number of SKU (unique item number)

Pick is defined by number of pieces


The easiest way is to think how your waybill looks when shopping online.

If I buy 2 identical red shirts, the same size and everything – and 1 blue shirt, my waybill will contain 2 orderows, but 3 picks.

Didn't find your answer?

Please get in touch with our dedicated support team: