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Improving customer satisfaction with optimized 3PL set-up

Babylove, a successful Swedish retailer focused on baby products, reached out to Prime Penguin for help with adding a local warehouse to its drop shipping solution.

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Since 2015, Babylove has been a consistently growing source of interior design items for toddlers and young children on the Swedish market.

The store, which uses the Quickbutik eCommerce platform, offers a wide variety of goods via drop shipping, but the company wanted to complement this arrangement with a local 3PL partner for faster shipping of its most popular items.

This posed a challenge, as a certain number of orders would have to be shipped from different warehouses.  

Babylove was consequently looking for a solution that could split its incoming Quickbutik orders into local and non-local varieties for separate shipping, something that seemingly involved a costly and time-consuming development process.


Since Prime Penguin already works out-of-the-box with most warehouse management systems, as well as Quickbutik and other eCommerce platforms, Prime Penguin’s developer team was able to build a highly cost-effective solution to Babylove’s requirements.

New functionality was added to notify the sales channel of packing status via Prime Penguin, which is information that Babylove forwards directly to its supplier.  

In addition, Prime Penguin could help the company find the right 3PL provider to integrate with Babylove’s other platforms and partners.


Babylove’s new order process works far more smoothly by splitting orders by 3PL location. Another intended result is an improved customer experience through the optimized warehousing solution.