3PL in Skåne, Sweden

Skåne is the southernmost part of Sweden and has recently become a popular region for setting up 3PL companies; primarily because of its location, but also due to its well-established infrastructure.

Why should your business choose a 3PL in Skåne?

The biggest city in Skåne, Malmö,  happens to be the third biggest city in all of Sweden. Keeping your 3PL management in close proximity to a bustling city center will in turn provide you with a valuable connection to other European countries such as Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. In addition, the infrastructure and communications facilities of Skåne are highly developed, making for seamless logistics management throughout.

A look at the infrastructure and communication facilities in Skåne


Skåne sports several airports where your national and international freight can be dealt with. These include:

– Malmö Airport, 30 km southeast of Malmö

– Kristianstad Airport, northeastern Skåne

– Ängelholm Airport, northwestern Skåne


There are high-speed trains that take approximately 4–5 hours to travel from Skåne to Stockholm. In addition, there are international train services that allow you to connect with destinations such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, and Hamburg.


There is great connectivity by road to various domestic and international destinations. There are highways that lead to (amongst other destinations) Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin, Copenhagen, etc.


– Helsingborg Harbor

The Helsingborg harbor provides round-the-clock ferry services to destinations such as Helsingør (Denmark), Oslo, and Copenhagen. Additionally, there are great ferry services to the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, and Estonia.

– The Ports of Malmö

The many ports located in the city of Malmö cater to the transportation needs of freight as well as passengers to locations such as Denmark, Norway, the UK, Germany, Finland, Poland, and Belgium.

– Trelleborg

Trelleborg is located in the southernmost part of Skåne, approximately 85 km from the German border. It has a harbor that provides ferry services to Rostock and Sassnitz, Hanko, Gdynia, Bremerhaven, and Southampton.

– Ystad Ferry Port

The ferry port in Ystad is located on the southernmost coast of Sweden, south-east of Malmö. The port offers ferry services to locations such as Swinoujscie in Poland. 

Set up 3PL services in Skåne with Prime Penguin

What becomes apparent from the above discussion, is that Skåne, due to its beneficial location and highly developed infrastructure, makes for an excellent choice of 3PL location. The companies offering 3PL services in Skåne have multiple choices of efficient transport systems, ensuring quick and sustainable delivery routes to your customers. Furthermore, a (geographically) intimate and direct link to the bustling city of Malmö will most definitely provide your business with heightened consumption and service demands.

Prime Penguin offers complete outsourcing services by connecting you to a 3PL in Skåne that provides you with efficient logistics management. Our services include, but are not limited to:

– Easy integration between your E-commerce store and our digital platform. We are pre-integrated with 25+ E-commerce platforms and are constantly working towards maintaining the highest integration standards on the market.

– Automated inventory management.

– A wide selection of satellite warehouses for your inventory management.

– Full control over your business logistics, available on any device of your choice through our digital interface.

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