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PETGOOD | A Science-Based and Vet-Developed Revolution

Petgood is a pet food tech company that’s breaking new ground in the industry. Their products are based on insect protein instead of meat and enriched with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. This production method has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to traditional meat-based pet food. With their innovative product, Petgood is effectively reducing the use of land, feed, and water as well as greenhouse emissions dramatically. 

Prime Penguin has been Petgood’s technical logistic partner from the get-go. Together, we have set up the company’s logistical operations and built customized solutions to automate several of their fulfillment processes.

Founded only a year ago, Petgood launched its E-shop this Christmas and sells exclusively Direct-to-Consumers (D2C) through their own channels. The product is based on two consumption models: a monthly subscription model or one-off purchases.

“Selling directly to consumers in an automated order-taking model requires us to have very high control over our logistics operations and customer service. With the Prime Penguin platform, we have easy access to actionable data, reporting tools, and clear dashboards for all parts of the organization”
– Pernilla Westergren, Founder, CEO

Among the additional features to Petgood’s setup, we helped them develop and integrate a plug-in that sends order tracking emails directly to customers., which helped automate their subscription order management process. Furthermore, the plug-in implemented dynamic order items, where orders can be added and removed dynamically based on rules provided by Petgood.

“Prime Penguin is a paramount technological partner in our e-commerce operations. It was important to find a long-term solution to match our growth strategy. Any integration we add with Prime Penguin is customizable and scalable and we are very pleased with their fast and competent developer team. We see this as the start of a great journey together.”
– Thomas Dalebring, Founder, CDO

Prime Penguin are very happy to be part of Petgood’s important work to contribute to a more sustainable and transparent world.

Please check them out at https://petgood.com/


Petgood is a Swedish pet food technology company founded in 2020 from the realization that pets account for 25% of global meat consumption. All products are produced in Europe to reduce emissions from transport.

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