Composable eCommerce Logistics

A single touchpoint for warehousing and fulfillment. Prime Penguin´s logistics module lets eCommerce retailers centralize all inventory and logistics operations into a single, user-friendly interface. It seamlessly integrates with existing platforms and partners, while effortlessly adapting as business and market conditions change.

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Logistics Made Easy

The core functionality of our eCommerce logistics module is to seamlessly connect with all your current (and future) platforms and logistics partners. This lets you:

  • Manage inventory and fulfillment alternatives in a centralized, user-friendly interface, thus greatly improving control and operational efficiency.
  • Stay flexible in an ever-changing market environment, as Prime Penguin does not lock you down to specific platforms or individual 3PL providers.
  • Benefit from a cost-effective pricing model and minimize in-house development expenses related to service integrations.

Trusted by these great Nordic brands:

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Estrid: Reduced risk and near-zero maintenance

To help drive rapid growth, the innovative shaving brand Estrid used Prime Penguin to end its reliance on individual 3PL providers, while reducing the need for technical maintenance.

Smartare Fitness: Effortless e-com and WMS integration

To streamline its fulfillment process, growing health brand Smartare Fitness opted for Prime Penguin as an effortless means of integrating its eCommerce and warehouse management systems.

Petgood: Sustainable logistics at a lower cost

As a sustainability-oriented foodtech brand, Petgood has leveraged the Prime Penguin platform to manage its fulfillment process in ways that benefit customers and planet alike.

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