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News | Thesis published on carbon dioxide emissions from freight

Prime Penguin wants to congratulate students Amanda and Kajsa at Chalmers university of technology in Gothenburg who’ve finished their thesis dissertation this summer. As students in industrial management and production engineering, they have written their thesis in collaboration with Prime Penguin. 

Amanda and Kajsa have in their research made a calculation of carbon dioxide emissions from freight between China, USA, and Sweden and investigated differences in carbon dioxide emissions with or without warehousing close to the end customer.

The thesis assesses carbon dioxide emissions for a product produced in China, on behalf of a Swedish company, and then transported to the end customer on the east coast of the USA. Comparisons in emissions are made between whether the product is transported to a warehouse in Sweden or directly to a third-party logistician with a warehouse in the USA. Kajsa and Amanda can conclude that for products to be transported by sea, a warehouse close to the end customer, potentially through a 3PL partner, can contribute to less carbon dioxide emissions thanks to shorter distances and the opportunity to use more climate-friendly transport alternatives.

Thank you, Amanda and Kajsa for a very interesting and relevant study.  Supporting that a solution like Prime Penguin’s, which connects e-shops with multiple warehouses closer to end consumers, can help brands create more efficient supply chains. Something that is increasingly important as the e-commerce industry continues to grow.

Read the full thesis here: Rapportnummer E2021 071

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