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MOOMIN | Scandinavia’s Most Beloved Trolls Made Available Online

Honoring and nurturing the legacy of Tove Jansson’s classics, Moomin Characters Oy Ltd brings the world of Moomin alive and accessible for fans to enjoy worldwide. Recently, the Moomin brand chose Prime Penguin to help with platform integration and 3PL logistics, in order to further expand their online presence.

Moomin is one of the world’s most successful and distinguished licensing brands, recognized for its beautiful artwork and stories by Tove Jansson. Mostly remembered for the tales of Moomintroll and his friends, Jansson was a multi-talented artist and storyteller whose ability to both write and illustrate in a way that appeals to children and adults alike made her internationally recognizable and endlessly admired. Her illustrated novels and short stories have been translated into more than fifty languages and adapted for both screen and stage on multiple occasions.

The official Moomin webshop sells licensed items worldwide out of its distribution centers in Estonia, Germany, and the UK and has, together with its network of brick-and-mortar stores, become the go-to place for all Moomin fans to step into Jansson’s remarkable world. Moving forward, the Moomin brand aims to further expand and discover new platforms from which the world of Moomin can reach new territories. In order for this to happen, however, the company must make sure that all integrations and third-party logistical partnerships are running smoothly. 

When Managing Director Jonas Forth found Prime Penguin and learned about our unique technology, there was no doubt in his mind that our solution was the ultimate choice for handling the overall logistics and integration of the Moomin e-store. As the company continues to grow, having a solid and effective logistics system in place will become even more valuable.

“We needed to bridge the gap between Shopify and Ongoing as our own integration only passed on the orders and when we implemented Prime Penguin, it solved many of the issues we had. Not only did we save quite a lot of time and errors by not manually adding the data both to Shopify and Ongoing, but our order management is now much more dynamic as the order updates work both ways.” – Jonas Forth, Managing Director

Prime Penguin’s cloud-based platform, built with the latest technologies and with the current E-commerce climate in mind, enables full digital control of all your outsourced logistics. Our service is pre-connected to and integrated with a global range of carefully chosen 3PL partners and major E-commerce platforms. Now that they are fully integrated with the Prime Penguin platform, the Moomin brand is given full access to all logistical activities and relevant statistics regarding their e-commerce from any device of their choice. Moreover, the connection between e-commerce platform (Shopify) and WMS (Ongoing) has been facilitated and streamlined with the help of our unique technology. 

Prime Penguin is very proud to be assisting the Moomin brand in sustaining and honoring the legacy of Tove Jansson’s classics in a digital climate. We look forward to being part of their continued success and journey of digital expansion and hope to enduringly provide them with effortless logistics.


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