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Prime Penguin is growing its presence in Norway. One of the latest additions of Norwegian e-commerce success stories to partner up is A fast-growing e-shop that specializes in high-quality hi-fi products. As an independent player and direct-to-consumer (d2c) player, they hand-pick their products and only sell brands that receive international recognition for high sound quality, innovation, first-class craftsmanship, and design. 

They have now entered a technological partnership with Prime Penguin to integrate their e-shop with their shipping system and third-party logistics (3PL) provider. was started by Jørgen Julius Johansen, Fredrik Øksnes and Kristian Rogndal in 2019. Already after the first year in business, they were delivering a profit. In 2020 they had over 900 orders and approximately 2.7 million NOK in turnover, and 2021 is set to be even better. 

“Our philosophy is that sound should be an experience in itself and not just something that is in the background”
– Kristian Rogndal, Co-Founder, Business Developer

The passion to deliver high-quality sound products and excellent customer service has quickly become a success story. The founders’ decided early on to go into e-commerce rather than have a physical store. They identified an opportunity in the market where they could avoid the two biggest cost drivers; rent and labor and ensure flexibility. Selling premium products online does however have its challenges.

“The products we sell are relatively expensive and people want to know what they are buying. We like to say that the demo is done best at home in the customer’s living room together with the other audio equipment they already have. We have solved this by offering our customers an open purchase for 30 days. This, together with free shipping and free returns, helps to remove some barriers to buying this type of product online” 
– Jørgen Julius Johansen, Co-Founder and CEO

To ensure the founders could spend their time on sales and development while delivering the highest service to their customers, they decided to outsource their fulfillment process. Like many e-commerce shops, they started in-house, sending out the orders themselves. They quickly realized the advantages of using a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. entered a partnership with Lettbutikk to become their warehouse hotel and logistics partner. They were using Prestashop but needed integration to Webshipper, their shipping platform.

“Prime Penguin offered a solution that previous providers couldn’t. In the old set-up, we had created a lot of duplication of work for us as our goods were not synchronized continuously. Any new item had to be created manually in both our sales platform and our Warehouse Management System (WMS). We also experienced some instability and on numerous occasions, customer orders were not forwarded to Webshipper. Thanks to the partnership both order and stock information are now synchronized in near real-time with the third-party solution and we have a more stable and flexible solution.”
– Kristian Rogndal, Co-Founder, Business Developer

Prime Penguin specializes in technological solutions for e-commerce supply chain management. By creating customized integrations with sales platforms, ERP, and fulfillment partners we ensure e-shops get full control over their operations.

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Lydglede is a Norwegian online store for those who value good sound. All products are carefully curated, of the highest quality, and shipped from Alnabru, Oslo. With a passion for sound, they will give you honest recommendations based on their experience, and knowledge, and constantly work to ensure that their customers have an excellent shopping experience.

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