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What are Marketplaces

A marketplace is a commerce site that hosts products or websites of individual sellers on the same domain. An online marketplace is a website where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties. Marketplaces are a great destination for people to discover, buy and sell products. People can easily find what they are looking for by filtering their product information.

The role of a marketplace owner is to bring together the right vendors and the right customers to drive sales through an exceptional multi-vendor platform, where sellers have a place to gain visibility and sell their products, and the marketplace owner earns a commission from each sale.

Benefits of an Omni Channel sales strategy

Omnichannel marketing refers to the concept of providing a seamless user experience across all channels relevant to the buyer’s journey. We are more connected today than ever before, which means we have more digital control over the buying process and have higher service demands.

Providing different marketing channels for your customers is key to boosting your online sales. The biggest difficulty for e-shops is to be visible on the market. High cost for marketing is necessary to create a customer base. Therefore it can be wise to mix your sales channels with marketplaces that have a more stable customer base with good reach. Then you get a good complement to your own online store where you have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience and increase sales and lower your marketing costs.

When setting up your sales in a marketplace you need a strategy to get the most out of it. Things to consider is:

Which products should you sell – all products, best sellers, hard time selling products or maybe only new test-products

What pricing strategy should you have

How should you work with marketing these products

Should you use marketplaces to explore new markets

About CDON

CDON Marketplace is the Nordic regionś largest online marketplace with operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

CDON offers a wide range assortment that includes over 8 millions of products with over 100 million visitors and 2 million active customers. CDON has around 1500 merchants connected to their platform. With a good search engine e-merchants sell all kinds of things like, consumer electronics, mobile phones, books, games, leisure items, clothing, shoes, furniture and toys.

Prime Penguin technology for integrations

Prime Penguin offers seamless integrations to e-commerce platforms, connecting multiple sales channels to your 3PL partners worldwide. We are today integrated with Amazon, Zalando and CDON, all with a different focus on product categories.

The Prime Penguin Platform collects orders from all connected channels and optimizes the logistics flow. All transactions are also compiled in the platform to avoid manual management.

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