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Eqvital started through a lifelong passion for horses by its founder Anna Lidén. As tends to happen when dealing with live animals, Anna Lidén developed a profound desire to promote and even improve upon the health and well-being of the horses she was spending her daily life amongst. Sooner than later, it became clear that there was a serious lack, at least on the Swedish market, of healthy alternatives for horse food that did not exclusively rely on grains and cereals.

“Several studies, both in Sweden as well as internationally, have demonstrated the risk of health-related issues as a direct result from feeding horses easily soluble carbohydrates found in many grains. These studies emphasize the many benefits of providing a fiber-based diet, even for high-performing horses.” – Amelie Henningsson, Business Developer at Eqvital

It was whilst searching for a horse feed that exhibited high enough levels of fiber and nutritiousness that Anna stumbled upon British brand TOTAL Horse Feed – an “energy- and fiber-rich free from grain kernels and therefore low in starch.” Upon discovering that TOTAL was not yet available on the Swedish market, Eqvital was officially born. While the TOTAL feed was initially the only product sold by Eqvital, the response from the Swedish market was unanimously positive and Anna soon found a wide selection of retailers who wished to help sell her product. From there, Eqvital has steadily been increasing its sales and introducing additional products to its inventory. 

Approximately two years ago, with ever-growing customer demand on their hands, Eqvital started to become more active in their digital channels and put more effort into their e-commerce business. It was while changing their e-commerce platform that they encountered the intricate maze of logistics and supply chain management.

“We needed to find a way to connect our e-commerce platform with our WMS to reduce manual labor. After some struggle and intense searching for a reasonable solution, we found what we needed in Prime Penguin. Right from the get-go, we started receiving the help we’d been looking for. And not only that, but as the years have passed, Prime Penguin has continuously delivered solutions to any problem we’ve encountered along the way. As for the Prime Penguin Platform, we have truly appreciated the ability to influence our orders before they’ve been transported to the warehouse. Having that view into our supply chain paired with the ability to add additional text to the waybills or stop an order completely has been amazing.” – Amelie Henningsson, Business Developer at Eqvital

At Prime Penguin, we feel very proud and excited to support Eqvital in its mission to deliver a nutrient-packed and fiber-fueled horse feed to the world. We’re always looking for brands that are trailblazing the e-commerce industry for the better, and who, like us, recognize the value in maintaining a fulfillment process that is ready for growth and expansion, while always remaining sustainable.

Make sure to visit Eqvital at to learn more about their products, their values, and overall expertise in everything horsemanship.

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