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How Prime Penguin Helped Medvape Streamline their Fulfillment

Medvape is a Norwegian eCommerce brand that specializes in the sales of vaporizers, dry herbs, and aromatherapy-related products. The brand has clients both in Europe and worldwide, which means they require a fast and efficient fulfillment supply chain. In this client case, we’ll explore how Prime Penguin helped Medvape streamline their supply chain, making it more efficient and ensuring timely deliveries for their clients.

The Challenge

Medvape had been using PrestaShop as their eCommerce platform and had a logistic partner who was using Ongoing WMS. However, they were facing significant challenges. Fast and reliable delivery is important for Medvape as well as for their clients and by integrating Afterships tracking services all clients now get automatic updates about their deliveries. They needed a solution that would enable them to keep track of their deliveries in real-time and also provide their clients with automatic updates on their deliveries.

The Solution

To address Medvape’s challenge, Prime Penguin integrated their Aftership account via the Prime Penguin platform.

This integration allowed tracking numbers and tracking links to be updated when an order had been handled by the 3PL.

This allowed Aftership emails to be sent to Medvape’s clients with their logo, tracking link, and number, providing their clients with real-time updates on their deliveries.

The Results

Since Prime Penguin helped Medvape integrate Aftership, they have seen a significant improvement in their supply chain management.

The integration has made it possible for Medvape to track their deliveries in real-time, which has resulted in faster and more reliable deliveries for their clients.

Medvape has also received positive feedback from their clients, who appreciate the automatic updates on their deliveries.

“We recommend PrimePenguin to any online shop that cares about smooth order handling and great support. Setting up and connecting to PrimePenguin was very easy, thanks to great service and support from their team. We are confident that our customers get the best service possible when using PrimePenguin to handle our order flow. 5 stars from Medvape.” – Kristian Founder, Medvape


In conclusion, Prime Penguin has played a critical role in helping Medvape streamline their fulfillment supply chain. With automatic updates on deliveries, Medvape’s clients are now receiving a better service, leading to increased client satisfaction.

Medvape’s founder, Kristian, recommends PrimePenguin to any online shop that cares about smooth order handling and great support. The ease of setting up and connecting to PrimePenguin, coupled with the excellent service and support from their team, has made it possible for Medvape to provide the best service possible to their clients.

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