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Find and connect with the best fulfillment partners (3PL) to handle your e-commerce logistics.

Global Logistics Network

Prime Penguin logistics network consists of reliable and affordable e-commerce fulfillment partners (3PL) in the Nordic, Europe, US, Asia, and Australia. All ready to fulfill and ship your client orders.

25+Platforms connected 10+Countries 20+Fulfilment centres
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Designed for e-commerce logistics

Prime Penguin gives you full control of all your client orders and returns for more flexible and cost-efficient customer support.

"Prime Penguin brings a lot of value and efficiency to our logistics operations"
Fredrika Gullfot
CEO, Simrisalg

Built for Growth

Prime Penguin gives you a hassle-free connection to all your important systems and warehouses.

"Very easy to procure between different 3PL providers. The whole set-up with the new warehouse worked very smoothly and we were up and running within a few days"
Jonas Bohr
Founder, Cellexir

Penguin Powered Technology.

Global. Integrated. Reliable.

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Inventory and stock updates

Get full control of your entire inventory and never get out of stock. Prime Penguin will inform and remind you before getting low in quantity.

Shipment status updates

Get full control of all client orders, including their latest status. All in a combined view from all sales channels, warehouses, and shipment companies.

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One connection to all warehouses

Prime Penguin will route all your client orders to an optimal warehouse, based on your preferences and built-in machine learning. Simply connect as many sales channels and warehouses as you wish.



Who are Prime Penguin?

We are a Nordic tech company within e-commerce logistics with customers all over the world. Our offices are located in Sweden (HQ) and India. 

Prime Penguin is an innovative and reliable company that provides simplified and effortless logistics to our sellers. We support our clients in all weathers, just like real penguins.

What does Prime Penguin do?

Effortless e-commerce logistics. Our software offers seamless integration with any e-commerce platform and connects you with our network of the best 3PL partners worldwide.

How does it work?

Simply start by filling in our logistics procurement form.

After this, we will get in touch and connect you with suitable fulfillment partners (3PL) in our network. When your company and the fulfillment partner of choice have signed a contract, Prime Penguin will help you connect your e-commerce store. Pick your subscription and get access to our cloud software where you will get real-time data of your warehouse(s) like inventory and stock levels, reports, order status, tracking info, and much more.

Why Prime Penguin?

We provide our e-commerce retailers with the best logistics solution:

  • Easy logistics procurement process
  • Access to a network of trusted and carefully selected e-commerce fulfillment partners (3PL)
  • Complete overview of all your logistics activities in an intuitive platform
  • A technical solution where you can easily add more warehouses after your needs
  • You will reduce both time and costs storing inventory closer to your customers than shipping orders to faraway destinations
  • You will save costs using our seamless integrations to the most e-commerce platforms and some major marketplaces (like Amazon, Zalando, and more).
  • Technical Support and customized IT development based on your business needs.
  • Skilled development team who are ready to troubleshoot any issues that arise on your end.

What is 3PL?

3PL (Third-party logistics) refers to a logistics process that handles all e-commerce fulfillment – picking, packing, storing, and shipping

How much does it cost?

Prime Penguin is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company that offers an intuitive platform in three different subscription models – Free, Plus, and Enterprise depending on your need. Find more information about the price and what’s included in each plan here

Will it be more expensive to use Prime Penguin to find 3PL partners?

No, there won’t be any extra costs for you to procure. It is the opposite – Prime Penguin’s solution will save you both time and money by using the pre-integrations and the trusted network of logistics.

Can I have more than one 3PL Partner?

Sure. With our global network, you can easily scale your business to new markets. All of your warehouse data will be accessible in one system giving you unparalleled control over your logistic operations. You can easily and affordably split your inventory from one warehouse facility to another by using the pre-integrated fulfillment network of Prime Penguin.

Is Prime Penguin compatible to our store?

Prime Penguin is pre-connected to the major e-commerce platforms, as well as marketplaces. We also have broad competence and experience with ERP systems and such integrations, making most shops technically compatible with us.

Please contacts us with any questions regarding integration and compatibility.


Are we the right fit for Prime Penguin?

All different kinds of businesses are using Prime Penguin, from smaller start-ups to large global companies. Depending on your needs and product we are sure our technical solution and our trusted logistics partners will be able to help you.

Alexander Fahlberg, Tanrevel

Client Cases

By using Prime Penguins technology we can easily add more warehouses globally and connect all our systems to get full control of all flows and integrations

Anna Wretling, Powerwoman

Anna Wretling, Powerwoman

Founder, Powerwoman

Client Cases

By using Prime Penguins technology we can easily add more warehouses globally and connect all our systems to get full control of all flows and integrations

Anna Wretling, Powerwoman

Anna Wretling, Powerwoman

Founder, Powerwoman

Get started

Pick a plan later.



Get a limited subscription for free. Connect to one warehouse and get started with a basic flow and functionality.

  • Limited access to platform
  • One warehouse connection
  • Avoid starting costs at 3PL



Get full access to Prime Penguins platform and all the tools. Free IT support anytime and connect up to two warehouses globally.

  • Full access to platform
  • Connect up to two warehouses
  • Free IT-support



Get full access to Prime Penguins platform and all the tools. This is a custom subscription upon request. Suitable for larger e-shops

  • Full access to platform
  • Unlimited number of connections
  • Free IT-support

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