Effortless Logistics for E-Commerce

Prime Penguin is a platform that helps eCommerce to find, compare, connect and control their entire fulfillment flow in one single cloud-based interface.

Boost your business growth, enhance customer experiences, optimized your 3PL cost, and streamline your fulfillment in Europe and the US.




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Seamless Integration

Through a simple plug-and-play solution, Prime Penguin gives you quick access and control over your e-commerce logistics. Connect with 30+ pre-integrated e-commerce platforms and a wide selection of global marketplaces. You can also bring your favorite software with you — we specialize in building customized connections that are streamlined to fit your fulfillment needs.

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Prime Penguin Logistics Integrations
Prime Penguin Logistics Network

Global 3PL Network

Find and connect with the world’s best third-party logistics providers (3PL) to handle your e-commerce logistics. Prime Penguin’s global fulfillment network consists of reliable and affordable partners in the Nordics, Europe, the US, Asia, and Australia.

  • 20+ Partners
  • 12+ Countries
  • 40+ Warehouses
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Digital Platform

The Prime Penguin Platform is the ultimate gateway between your e-commerce platform and logistics system (WMS). We provide you with a complete overview and the ability to track all your warehouse activities in a user-friendly interface. No matter how fast you grow, where your market takes you, or how you want to reach your customers, we offer you complete visibility into your supply chain. 

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Prime Penguin - Logistics Platform



Get started with Effortless logistics

  • One warehouse connection
  • Technical support
  • Two E-commerce connections
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Scale with one more warehouse

  • Two warehouse connections
  • Technical support
  • Order routing
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Fulfill all your
logistics needs

  • Unlimited warehouses
  • Personalized technical support
  • Order routing
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What You Get.

An end-to-end solution that takes your e-commerce fulfillment to the next level.

Cost-Efficient Logistics

Save your business time, money, and resources by utilizing our advanced technology to forecast, map your orders, and stay on top of your inventory.

Fast Deliveries

Our experienced 3PL network ensures that your supply chain always remains fast, flexible, and streamlined to your customers’ needs.

Sustainable Choices

Find warehouses located near your clients and minimize both delivery time and co2 emission.

Scalable Solutions

With Prime Penguin, you’ll never outgrow your logistics management — we’re built for expansion.

Technical Support

Receive comprehensive technical support from our team of developers whenever needed.

Overview of data

Make strategic business decisions based on data from your e-commerce.

Trusted by leading e-commerce businesses worldwide.

Ready to Get Started?

Find out how Prime Penguin can help elevate your fulfillment flow and take your e-commerce business to the next level. We are always looking to take on new challenges and build customized solutions for customers worldwide.

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