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GLAS is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand that sells handmade reading glasses online. Truly innovative, their frames are produced without the use of chemicals or harmful additives. They work directly with selected producers and their slimmed operations ensure high quality while also keeping prices down.

Prime Penguin is proud to have been with GLAS from the very start. In the initial stages of their e-commerce business, they contacted Prime Penguin to find a 3PL in our network. They were connected to a fulfillment partner suitable to their current needs and apt to grow with them. The integration to their e-commerce platform, order routing, and digital warehouse was handled by Prime Penguin for a cost-efficient and modern solution.

“It was very easy to find the right logistics provider and get started with Prime Penguin as a partner. Their developer team was very responsive and accommodating. We saved costs on IT support and fine-tuning our supply chain. Just solving all those issues you don’t know you need help with until they occur.”
– Markus Johansson, COO

GLAS is now taking their sustainable and affordable glasses to the next level. Adding new focus markets to their mix and bringing in new talent.

To ensure efficient and environmentally friendly shipping Prime Penguin helped GLAS find and connect an additional warehouse located in Holland. By routing orders through a strategically located warehouse hub like this, GLAS will significantly lower the total emissions from transport and cut delivery time from 4-5 days to 1-2. Finding a fulfillment partner and setting up new warehouse connections is easy and cost-efficient with Prime Penguin.

 “The real value of Prime Penguin is being a partner in all stages of our growth. We have received technological support and practical know-how from them and their 3PL partners in the new set-up. Adding and connecting new warehouses and synchronizing all activity to one single system will be a key factor in our expansion.”
– Markus Johansson, COO

We at Prime Penguin exist to make sure our customers feel reassured that their e-commerce logistics are running effortlessly in all stages. Allowing them to focus on creating the best experience for their customers. We hope to be with GLAS for the foreseeable future and the exciting times ahead.

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About: GLAS was founded in 2018 and provides affordable luxury for sophisticated and modern women. They provide an alternative to boring reading glasses and want to show the world that glasses can be an accessory that makes you proud, confident, and happy. 

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