Integrated Fulfillment in the United States of America

Expanding your eCommerce to the American market? Prime Penguin provides trustworthy connections and integration between eCommerce and local fulfillment centers. At the same time, Prime Penguin centralizes your logistics operations.

The eCommerce market in the US

As of 2022, the USA has a population of over 332 million. In the same year, the revenue in the American eCommerce market is projected to reach 904.90 billion US dollars. The revenue in this market is expected to have an annual growth rate of 14.4% between 2022-2027. Moreover, the United States is the second-largest market for eCommerce, placing it behind China and ahead of Japan.

According to Statista, in January 2021, 41% of online shoppers in the United States purchased products online once or twice a week. Furthermore, 24% shop online once every two weeks, and 20% shop online once a month.

Marketplaces in the US

With a revenue of 125.8 billion US dollars in 2021, has become the most significant player in the US eCommerce market. The second and third-largest stores in the United States are, with 46.4 billion US dollars, and with 25.9 billion US dollars.

The largest category of eCommerce in the United States is Fashion, which obtains a 31% of the eCommerce revenue in the United States. Electronics and Media then follow this segment with 21%, Toys, Hobbies & DIY with 20%, Furniture & Appliances with 16%, and Food & Personal Care with the remaining 12%.

Top shipping services providers

When it comes to shipping packages within the United States, there are a number of options to choose from. Each shipping service provider has its own set of features, rates, and delivery times, so it’s important to consider which one will best suit your needs.

Here are some of the top shipping service providers in the US:

  1. United States Postal Service (USPS) – The USPS is a government-owned agency that provides both domestic and international shipping services. It is often the most cost-effective option for small packages, and offers a range of delivery options including First Class, Priority, and Express Mail.
  2. FedEx – FedEx is a private shipping company that offers a variety of services including ground, air, and international shipping. They are known for their reliable and fast delivery times, and have a range of options to choose from including same-day delivery.
  3. UPS – UPS is another private shipping company that offers a range of domestic and international shipping options. They are known for their reliable and efficient delivery, and offer a range of services including ground, air, and freight shipping.
  4. DHL – DHL is an international shipping company that operates in over 220 countries. They offer a range of shipping options including air, ocean, and ground transportation, and are known for their fast and reliable delivery.

Overall, when choosing a shipping service provider, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget. Each company has its own set of features and rates, so it’s worth taking the time to compare and find the one that best meets your needs.

Fulfillment centers in the US

At Prime Penguin, we are proud to have a wide range of fulfillment centers located throughout the United States. This allows us to provide fast and efficient shipping to all of our customers, no matter where they are located.

Our fulfillment centers are strategically located in major cities and regions across the country, allowing us to cover a large area and get orders to our customers as quickly as possible. We use state-of-the-art technology and processes at our fulfillment centers to ensure that orders are accurately picked, packed, and shipped in a timely manner.

In addition to our wide range of fulfillment centers, we also offer a range of shipping options to suit your needs. Whether you need next-day delivery or just want the most cost-effective option, we have something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to get your orders to your customers, choose Prime Penguin. With our wide range of fulfillment centers and shipping options, we’ve got you covered.

Integrate your eCommerce with 3PL Fulfillment centers in the US

At Prime Penguin, we understand the importance of having a smooth and efficient fulfillment process for your eCommerce business. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you integrate your eCommerce platform with our fulfillment network in the United States.

Our team of experts will work with you to design a customized fulfillment solution that meets the unique needs of your business. We can help you with everything from warehouse management and inventory control, to shipping and tracking.

By using our fulfillment services, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the logistics. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment centers and advanced technology ensure that your orders are accurately picked, packed, and shipped in a timely manner.

So if you’re looking to streamline your fulfillment process and improve the customer experience, choose Prime Penguin. We’ll help you integrate your eCommerce with our fulfillment network and take your business to the next level.

Full access to our Fulfillment network

Prime Penguin gives you the opportunity to obtain access to our broad and rich Fulfillment network. By obtaining this access, eCommerce businesses have complete control over their supply chain and can easily manage it through the Prime Penguins integration platform. This Fulfillment network allows our clients to reduce shipment durations, which improves customer experience for eCommerce consumers/purchasers. These tools provided by Prime Penguin shall guide you in conquering the American eCommerce market.

If you’re an eCommerce business looking to streamline your logistics and improve your supply chain in the US, you should consider working with a company that specializes in headless logistics.

Headless logistics refers to a supply chain approach where the logistics provider handles all aspects of the fulfillment process, including warehousing, inventory management, and shipping, without the need for a physical storefront or retail presence. This allows eCommerce businesses to focus on their core competencies and leave the logistics to the experts.

At Prime Penguin, we specialize in headless logistics for eCommerce businesses. With one single connection, integrate a range of services including warehouse management, inventory control, and shipping, all designed to help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Talk to our eCommerce and logistic expert in order to find out more!

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