Third-party logistics in Denmark lifts a weight off your shoulders

You want to get the logistics flowing in Nordics, but you don’t have the time or resources to solve it internally. We lift that stone off your shoulders and become the reliable logistics partner you need.

You can outsource parts or all of your logistics to us and get the freedom to devote the much-needed time to your e-commerce instead. 

When there are high seasons, campaigns, and other peaks in sales, you can feel secure in the fact that we handle it. With us, there are all possibilities to scale up or down with logistics services and warehouse space as needed. Our third-party logistics in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland could become a more cost-effective alternative for your e-commerce.

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Third-party logistics (3PL) in Denmark

The big advantage of third-party logistics is that you get rid of a large area of ​​responsibility, which both eats up many working hours and requires expertise to function well. Logistics is particularly important for those who sell things online. How the journey from order to delivery turns out can have a big impact on how likely it is that the customer will choose you again in the future.

Maybe your company doesn’t have the right knowledge to manage the logistics. With Prime Penguin as your 3PL partner and connector, you don’t have to think much more about it.

We don’t try to shape our customers to fit a predetermined template. Instead, we find a tailor-made solution from our 3PL network for your company. We do this based on broad logistics experience and with the help of our contact network. For you, this is the cost-effective alternative with a super easy integration and connecting to any 3PL.

Our quality-assured solutions are shaped on the basis of long experience and a burning interest in constantly improving our work. We can take on 3PL assignments from large and small companies, regardless of whether you sell toys or interior design.

With us, it happens quickly and correctly when the staff picks goods and the goods are stored in an easily accessible and adapted way. It ensures that the orders arrive with the correct content.

An e-commerce logistics that is scalable for you as a customer

With Prime Penguin you get full control over several different tools and functions. The cloud-based service allows you to automate, visualize and optimize the entire logistics flow anytime, anywhere.

In other words, in Prime Penguin you get a long-term and sustainable solution for flexible integrations – which can also be started immediately!

Like several other large and well-known stores, start working with Prime Penguin and you will get a complete tool for customer support, reporting, and logistics optimization.

Talk with our eCommerce and logistics experts

Increased freedom - an advantage of third-party logistics

A word that is central to us is freedom because that is what we deliver to you. You should feel safe and free when you hand over the logistics to us. 

To reach that point, we initially hold a dialogue with you about what you are looking for, what challenges are on the way, and how we plan to tackle them. This dialogue is kept open throughout the collaboration, on your terms.

We want to be available for requests and questions from you and are always open to suggestions on how we can make the logistics for your company work as well as possible.

With Prime Penguin, you get a dedicated logistic partner who is happy to follow along and develop its logistics solutions in step with your company. There are tons of benefits to third-party logistics, so take the first step to an arrangement that gives you minimal stress! And we help you to run your logistics in the most cost-efficient way.

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