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We are working with hundreds of Nordic eCommerce companies from various industries, so sure when the optimized logistics work for them, should work for you as well.

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Request a quote from different 3PLs according to your situation.

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Find and integrate the right 3PL

We could help you find and do the integration.

We support e-commerce companies with both high and low volumes or specific requirements in their search for the perfect third-party logistics service provider (3PL).

How do you find the right logistics providers for local fulfillment and the last mile? For example, the local fulfillment centers in Nordics, Germany, and the UK.

Finding and comparing offers from different logistics service providers is time-consuming and requires a lot of expertise.

There is where we can help you, with integration as well.

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Integrate Logistics Service Providers

That’s why eCommerce companies are using the super smooth and efficient Prime Penguin solution:

Show options and raw prices from different logistics service providers, sign agreements on offers, and integrate service providers into your systems within minutes.

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Prime Penguin can help elevate your fulfillment flow and take your e-commerce business to ship fast and save costs.

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