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Beauty Disrupted – delivers on sustainability through efficient logistics

The environmentally conscious beauty brand Beauty Disrupted opted for Prime Penguin to streamline order routing and improve the shipping experience for its customers across Europe.

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Beauty Disrupted is determined to challenge how we produce and consume beauty products. The company produces all-natural soaps, shampoos, and conditioners in bar form, thus avoiding the need for excess plastic containers and wrapping.

As a strongly sustainability-oriented brand, a key part of Beauty Disrupted’s growth journey has been to ensure supply chain and logistics efficiency.

To this end, the company turned to Prime Penguin to connect its WooCommerce platform with three different 3PL providers for optimal order routing throughout Europe.

Additionally, Beauty Disrupted wanted to improve the customer experience by integrating the versatile delivery platform Ingrid.


Beauty Disrupted connects its e-store to three strategically located fulfillment centers via the Prime Penguin network. All orders are routed via the Prime Penguin platform, where a set of rules determine the most efficient handling of the order.

This setup ensures that the total transportation route, total emissions from transportation, and delivery time, can all be kept to a minimum.

To deliver on the Ingrid requirement, Prime Penguin helped set up an integration for the customer’s delivery address to match with nearby service points. This way, the solution obtains data of the customer’s chosen delivery option, which is forwarded to the 3PL for picking and packing.


Beauty Disrupted’s new logistics setup combines ease-of-use with optimizations of the transportation route, lowering emissions as well as delivery time.

The custom Ingrid integration by Prime Penguin, which costs substantially less than other third-party alternatives, allows Ingrid Checkout to be used in connection with any of the company’s warehouses.


“Our experience with Prime Penguin has been exemplary. Communication and onboarding have been super smooth. We have high ambitions going forward and with this solution, we will have a trusted partner to turn to when we want to establish connections to 3PLs in new markets. –Thom Lundberg Chief Digital Officer

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