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We asked one of our long-term customers, Petgood, to share some insights on how the Prime Penguin Platform allows them to make conscious decisions regarding their fulfillment process in ways that benefit their sustainability work. Read on to learn more about all the good things Petgood does for the environment, and the many ways in which Prime Penguin makes it easy for e-commerce businesses to reduce their environmental impact and enforce sustainable logistics. 


Petgood and sustainability

We are driven by reducing our four-legged family members’ climate impact and global paw print. — Petgood

It was the realization that pets are responsible for more than 25% of global meat consumption, making them an unnecessary and unfortunate burden on the environment, that sparked the initial idea for Petgood. With a passionate and equal love for animal and planetary welfare, the founders of Petgood wanted to revolutionize the pet food industry. They set out to develop their own brand of dog food, packed to the brim with nutrition, quality vitamins, and essential fatty acids – all procured either from plant-based sources or from insect-based protein. The result? An innovative brand of pet food that is not only healthy and nutritious but requires significantly fewer resources compared to traditional animal protein sources. In fact, the insects used by Petgood cause a whopping 94% fewer greenhouse emissions, take up 93% less farming space, and consume 92% less food and 80% less water compared to meat-bearing animals. Pretty pawsome, right? To top it all off, in order to further cut down on resources and minimize food waste, each Petgood order is tailored to the customer’s unique needs.

In addition to their revolutionary pet food, Petgood makes sure to always make the environment a top priority in everything they do. Some of their sustainability strategies include (but are not limited to):

  • All Petgood products are manufactured in Europe to reduce transport-related emissions.
  • All Petgood products should be made using organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • Recycled or recyclable materials are used for packaging whenever possible.
  • When available, Petgood products are shipped using sustainable delivery options.


In what ways does Prime Penguin make your logistics management more sustainable?

Automized and digitized supply chains that rely heavily on digital interfaces are better adapted for a green commercial future. — Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin provides e-commerce businesses with a cost-efficient and scalable solution to connect their online stores with warehouses and marketplaces worldwide. We help you procure, outsource, and maintain all your logistical proceedings in an advanced yet user-friendly digital interface. By leveraging a network of pre-integrated logistics partners (3PL) reinforced by market-leading integration technology,  the Prime Penguin Platform ensures seamless integrations between all of your software channels and the warehouse management system (WMS) in charge of processing your commercial data. All you need is one integration, and you’ll be hooked up to a dynamic dashboard from which you’ll be able to orchestrate your logistics with a 24/7 overview of your entire supply chain.

But this isn’t all that we do. While we make it our priority to deliver cost-efficient logistics solutions for growing e-commerce businesses, wasting our planet’s resources is out of the question. We believe that an effective and successful supply chain is one that fulfills your customers’ needs for speed and cost, while nonetheless maintaining a low carbon footprint. Fast delivery does not have to equal high carbon emissions – quite the opposite, really,  if done correctly. This is where our technology really comes into play. Our cloud-based platform enables e-stores to locate and procure multiple ‘satellite’ warehouses worldwide. By doing so, our customers can reduce their products’ shipping distances with the help of digital product mapping and order routing. In other words, Prime Penguin gives e-commerce businesses a sense of autonomy through the ability to make conscious decisions regarding the environmental impact of their supply chain. With the support of WMS-generated data made available in our intuitive interface, optimization and customization of your supply chain in regards to environmental impact are limitless.


How Petgood benefits from the Prime Penguin Platform in their sustainability work

What do you get when you combine a fast-growing and revolutionizing e-commerce business and a clever logistics management tool? We think you already know the answer, but we’ll let Petgood spell it out for you:


Petgood is driven by an urge to create a more transparent and sustainable animal world.

Thanks to Prime Penguin, we can find and work efficiently with several warehouse partners around the world and thus minimize transport distances. — Thomas Dalebring, co-founder & CDO at Petgood

You heard the guy. Since joining Prime Penguin‘, Petgood has effectively managed to accumulate a logistics management solution that is flexible and scalable, yet remains environmentally friendly. By outsourcing its logistics to different warehouses,  Petgood reduces costs, internal workload, and shipping distances. Additionally,  the pawsome people at Petgood are able to focus on things that truly matter while growing their brand. Instead, it is up to the clever technology behind the Prime Penguin Platform to untangle Petgood’s global supply chain. This does not mean, however, that Petgood is in any way left out of the loop – rather the opposite. Having 24/7 access to the platform, the people at Petgood are able to utilize our order routing function to further streamline their supply chain, making sure that it is as sustainable as can be.

If you want Prime Penguin to help you make your logistics more sustainable, simply fill out our procurement form or contact us.

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