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Beauty Disrupted is a new player in the beauty industry with an important mission. Their line of hair and body products challenges how we produce and consume a lot of our beauty brands today. Instead of liquid-based care products, their products all come in a bar form. Thus eliminating the need for plastic containers and excess wrapping. 

The founders Alban Mayne and Svante Holm are of French and Swedish descent and all products are sourced in France and designed in Sweden. The venture started from the shocking insight that the haircare industry produces ​80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles yearly. Where only about 2% of these are actually recycled and a vast majority end up in landfills or the oceans. The duo was working in retail and tech when they quit their jobs and spent two years traveling and researching how to disrupt the beauty industry to stop relying so heavily on plastic.

The end products are completely water-free, unlike liquid shampoo that contains 70% – 80% water. Apart from saving weight in transportation, each bar saves at least 2 regular-sized plastic bottles. Beauty Disruption’s dedication to working for a more sustainable planet is reflected throughout the brand. All sents are organic fragrances from Grasse, PETA certified vegan, cruelty-free, and free of chemicals. All bars are consciously crafted in the South of France using 100% renewable energy and 20% of their profits are donated to non-profit organizations that work for the environment.

Naturally, Beauty Disrupted had very high standards on their e-commerce logistics – just as any part of their company needs to have as little impact on the environment as possible. They contacted Prime Penguin at the very start of their operations to set up distribution hubs in Europe and the Nordics.

“It was vital for us to find a trusted partner in logistics that could help us set up a robust and sustainable supply chain. As a pan-European brand, we wanted to connect multiple warehouses to our store to minimize the long-distance direct-to-consumer transportations.” – Thom Lundberg, Chief Digital Officer.

Beauty Disrupted have connected their e-store to three strategically located fulfillment centers via the Prime Penguin network and an external partner. All orders are routed via the Prime Penguin platform where a set of rules determine the most efficient handling to allocate the order. The setup ensures the total transportation route,  total emissions from transportation, and delivery time can be kept to a minimum.

“Our experience with Prime Penguin has been exemplary. Communication and onboarding have been super smooth. We have high ambitions going forward and with this solution, we will have a trusted partner to turn to when we want to establish new connections to 3PLs in new markets.” –Thom Lundberg Chief Digital Officer

Prime Penguin is very proud to be the first choice when it comes to sustainable order routing and to help this trailblazing brand change our beauty consumption for the better, one bar at a time.

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Designed in Stockholm and carefully crafted in the South of France, Beauty Disrupted’s products are vegan and free of plastic and harsh ingredients. Instead of plastic containers, their products come in generous lathery bars. Each one contains a careful selection of gentle ingredients.

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