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Pure Pooch is an exciting new player in the pet industry, bringing an innovative approach that is sure to revolutionize the business as is. Now, they have chosen Prime Penguin to help with the integration and outsourcing of their fulfillment process in a way that remains authentic to their brand values.

At present, there are no clear regulations or safety assessments regarding hygiene products for pets in the EU. This has, naturally, led to manufacturers and brands using toxic ingredients in their products, due to cost reduction and convenience. Most recently, a phenomenon known as ‘greenwashing’ has grown to become a widespread issue as a direct result of the societal pressure to ‘go green’, combined with companies’ continued antipathy towards the environmental and health-related concerns linked to the use of hazardous ingredients. 

The result of all this? On the one hand, unsafe pet hygiene products are actively circulating the market and nothing is being done to rectify the situation; on the other, there is a widespread lack of awareness among pet owners, who purchase the toxic products with good intentions – misled and misinformed by the prevailing ‘greenwashing’ of the industry. 

This is where Pure Pooch enters the picture. With a fresh mindset and pure intentions, the company is ready to take proper action against toxic ingredients coming into contact with our furry friends. 

“We want to change [the industry] by offering high-quality shampoos with safe ingredients that are certified organic and that are made with the environment in mind.” – George Rotan, founder and CEO

No sooner said than done! The Pure Pooch shampoos contain Nordic plant extracts obtained in a non-destructive ultrasonic extraction process without any harsh solvents (like propylene glycol and ethanol, to name a few). The efficacy of the extracts is carefully evaluated in cooperation with reputable biologists to make sure that all products are rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and other pawsome stuff for the skin and fur of your pooch. As if this wasn’t reason enough to trust the brand, Pure Pooch is an extension of an already existing brand – that of George and his own pooch, a photogenic Irish Setter named Troja. 

“Our personal brand […] work[s] as a safety barrier for the products. If they don’t deliver what is promised, it has a direct effect on our reputation.” – George Rotan, founder and CEO

Running a small-scale, start-up business is no easy feat, however; as Rotan quickly realized, a lot of the work is done by the owner of the brand, especially early on in the growth process. Understanding that help was needed in order to properly manage the logistics behind Pure Pooch, Rotan started looking around for a reliable yet affordable 3PL solution that ticked all desired boxes. When learning about Prime Penguin and our unique technology, it quickly became clear that our service was the obvious choice for Pure Pooch – an effortless 3PL solution perfectly adapted for dog products of all kinds.

“Having a company like Prime Penguin by our side is a crucial part of our business as we have no knowledge of the complex world of logistics. Without their integration, the shipping part of the business would be a big load to carry, something we don’t have the strength to do with all the other tasks that need to be done.” – George Rotan, founder and CEO

Prime Penguin’s cloud-based platform, built with the latest technologies and with the current E-commerce climate in mind, enables full digital control of all your outsourced logistics. The platform is pre-connected to and integrated with a range of carefully chosen 3PL partners and major E-commerce platforms, giving you full access to all logistical activities as they occur.

Through Prime Penguin, Pure Pooch has outsourced all their logistical activities to a Swedish 3PL who makes sure that the fulfillment process runs smoothly, keeping customers happy and the supply chain as sustainable as possible. Meanwhile, Pure Pooch can monitor the proceedings from any device at any time, making sure that all steps along the way are accounted for. The result? Effortless logistics and happy pooches all over Europe.

“We went through several integration companies, but Prime Penguin stood out by providing a simplistic solution to a complex problem. Their integration is simply unmatched and so is their service.” – George Rotan, founder and CEO


Prime Penguin is very proud to be the first choice when it comes to sustainable and efficient order routing and to participate in Pure Pooch’s mission to revolutionize the pet industry. We’re always looking for brands that are trailblazing the E-commerce industry for the better, and we are confident that Pure Pooch is doing just that.

Make sure to visit George and Troja at to find out more about their exceptional products and core values.

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